Hello! Welcome to Maxwell.me!

My name is Maxwell Arnold. I am a fashion student, and aspiring lawyer from Toronto, Ontario. I am currently attending the Manchester Metropolitan University (in central Manchester, England) to finish a BA (Hons) in International Fashion Practice. From there, I plan to head off to law school to study either consumer justice law, or patents and trademarks. 

It's all a work in progress, with no entirely firm plans. I like to live by the Blake Shelton lyric of "you've got nowhere to go, if you've got all day to get there". Thus, I am in no rush to commit to, nor to undertake any particular course of action.

My interests, besides fashion, include technology, consumer justice (especially in regards to consumer privacy), mixology (many of my thought patterns consist of dreaming up new cocktails), writing, and thinking up theories that some think to be ridiculous (such as why the vast majority of "job protection" laws are the reason why unemployment is so high).

I am a proud high school dropout, who never went back to finish. I maintain that the widely-believed idea of "you have to finish high school" is grossly ill-founded. As time permits, I am currently developing the framework for a scholarship foundation, so that I can help to fund, and provide informational resources to high school dropouts who wish to attend college. I don't want money, or misperceived ideas about "entry requirements" to be a barrier for any high school dropout to go after what they truly want out of life. Those are all things that held me back, and I don't want any other person who struggles in high school to be put in the same situation of uncertainty.

This website's purpose is to be a "brief introductory" about myself. Just so that if you Google me, or are referred to my webpage in some way, your curiosity, in whatever form it might take, can be satisfied. I find that most of us have a weakness in asking questions (in terms of not knowing what questions to ask), and would rather be faced with an abundance of information, where no questions need to be asked. Often, the very best questions are ones that do not occur to us. With sufficient information present, the curiosities we have can become satisfied without further inquiry.

Also, you may be wondering why this website is in basic HTML. I have always felt basic HTML to be the most reliable form of web publishing. It does not contain complicated CSS or JavaScript, which can cause pages to crash or load incompletely if poorly coded - also with no guarantee of mobile compatibility. Also, I feel like its basic appearance best reflects my personality. No bells and whistles - no fancy-dancy filters - just keeping it simple.

I will conclude my introduction at that. Please see below for my professional portfolio, and some musings of mine. If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to do so through any of the communication methods as outlined below...

E: maxwell at maxwell dot me

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/maxwellarnold1

Linkedin: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/maxwell-arnold/53/996/ab9

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/cranberrywithice

My past and current projects/works...

The Other Side of the Phone - Tales of a Telemarketer - my book about my involvement in the telemarketing industry - will be released at a time to be announced. 

Status as of September 2014: Attempting to locate a suitable editor.

Toolbox.com (Ziff Davis) - Content Contributor - contributed articles to the Toolbox.com blog providing introductory advice about CRM and VoIP solutions.

DomainGang.com - Content Contributor - provided various articles about recent news in, and ideas about, the domain name industry http://domaingang.com/author/maxwell/

Musings/Articles for the sake of the greater good:

Why I got out of real estate, and why you should think twice about getting into it. (Coming soon!)

Canada's first billing-for-wasted-time lawsuit - what really happened - Maxwell Arnold vs. Ontario Real Estate Association (Ontario Superior Court of Justice claim #SC-14-003512-00 - Ontario, 2014) (Coming soon!)

What chargebacks are - and how they give you immense power to get your way as a customer (Coming soon!)